Below are links to documents with "I Voted" stickers to show your civic pride for having participated in today's election. I was motivated to create them after my precinct did not have them available. Apparently, some precincts were concerned about the multi-language requirements of the Voting Rights Act and could not offer them in the required languages. If you did not get one yourself or voted absentee, here's your chance to show the world you care.

I was sadly unable to get an Arabic translation, that would have been appropriate I think. Current language selection is merely to be illustrative of the point, not inclusive or exclusive based on any bias (other than the limited selections from Alta Vista's Bablefish). You should not consider the absence of Klingon for example, as a sign of my feelings towards Trekkies.

Files are provided as Microsoft Word documents. Note that you must have the Microsoft Asian-language font pack installed to see the Asian fonts. Because of this, I've also provided a TIF image that you can print (sorry it's not a PDF, I only have Acrobat 5 installed at it does not play nicely with the font packs).

Large Avery 5663 labels (10 per page) with background of flag (as seen at top of page):
Microsoft Word document: iVotedStickers.doc
TIF version: iVotedStickers.tif

Smaller Avery 5366 labels (30 per page) with text-only:
Microsoft Word document: iVotedStickersSmall.doc
TIF version: iVotedStickersSmall.tif